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January 18, 2009 at 10:27 pm Leave a comment

Both the EnvELOP and Inspired by Nature projects have moved on in leaps and bounds in the past week.  The overall business plan is almost complete, together with financial forecasts, and this will help us to better prepare our funding bids.  We have a few significant funding pots to apply for, and we need to get this pushed forward quickly now. 

We attended two e-learning workshops this week.  One was at the Serious Games Institute in Coventry which always provides lots of inspiration and motivation, as well as the opportunity to meet some great contacts.  This workshop was about serious games and education, and was attended by a few notable people.  This included one of the founder members of Human League and Heaven 17, Martyn Ware, and for those of us of a certain age, this was an interesting diversion during the day.   Martyn is now working on 3D sound projects, and presented on his latest project working with a sensory studio for autistic children.  Truly uplifting stuff.

Inspired by Nature has been receiving the loving attention of two wonderful fine artists, Bob Meddings and Lou Dean, who have taken me and this project under their wings and are nurturing its growth.  So far they have developed four workshop programmes for E4C to take forward into 2009, and things are getting very exciting.  One of the projects is about bees which will tie in very nicely with the serious game about bees being developed for the EnvELOP project. 

If there is a one in a million chance of a philanthropic sponsor ever reading this blog  and would like to sponsor the work we are doing, then please, please get in touch. 

And finally, E4C has received some fantastic support from a wide range of people.  I feel very humbled by the generosity that everyone has displayed.  What a great motivator to really get these projects off the ground.  A huge thank you to you all (you know who you are)….

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EnvELOP Inspired by Wolves

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