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Social Enterprise Africa

Young People on the Butterflies Programme, Uganda

E4C is proud to support Social Enterprise Africa (SEA), a Community Interest Company (CIC) based in Birmingham, UK, and headed up by Ben Parkinson.

SEA works with children and young people in Uganda who are selected to take part in the Butterfly Programme and for the children there is the Chrysalis School.  All the young people taking part in the Butterfly Programme are highly resourceful, and all have their own individual stories to tell about their lives, their hopes and dreams, and what they plan to do to make their country a better place to live.  But more than this, the young changemakers would like to eliminate poverty in Uganda within ten years.

Such ambitious aims require ambitious plans and actions, and the Butterflies have already started to rise to the challenge.  We have been hugely impressed by the work the Butterflies have done so far, with each of the young people creating and championing a wide variety of projects from growing melon crops to organising sports activities through Project Circulate.  Other projects include activities working on women’s issues, a biogas project, and developing international arts programmes.

SEA relies on funding and other support to run the Chrysalis School, and to support all the young people on the programme, so please visit their website to see how you can help

The young peoples’ blogs also make inspiring and fascinating reading, so please do take some time to explore the blogs further, and see for yourself the resourcefulness of the Butterflies.

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Soundwalk Warwickshire – an appeal for help

We have made it through the first round of the Nat West Community Force funding application.  We have now been invited to post photographs and videos and have to put some effort into encouraging people to vote for our project.

As well as posting photographs and videos another idea would be to create a dynamic and media-rich presentation that would tell the world all about Soundwalk Warwickshire and what we are trying to achieve.

To achieve this we need some volunteers to help us put this together .  I have put the basic framework of the presentation together, but now need to add in graphics, additional photos, video footage and a soundtrack.

If you would like to get involved and help us get this programme off the ground please get in touch.

About Soundwalk Warwickshire

Soundwalk Warwickshire is part of our larger Wild Echoes workshop programme which focuses on acoustic ecology.  Our aim is to explore the natural world and our cultural heritage through sound and acoustics.  We will offer a wide range of activities from the very simple to the highly complex.

At a very basic level a soundwalk could simply be a walk in the park, woodland, farmland, an urban environment.  The only criteria are that the soundwalker(s) become attuned to their aural landscape and take some time to reflect on their experiences.

At a more complex level we will be recording natural and displaced natural sounds and using art and technology to create soundscape pieces.  We will also explore what sound, noise, silence and acoustics means to different cultures across different timelines.  For example, exploring historical soundscapes and comparing them with modern soundscapes.

If you want to be a part of this exciting journey, then please get in touch.

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