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Natural heritage should NOT be for sale

Save our Forests

Not content with standing by and allowing much of our industrial heritage to be sold off, the present Government is now pushing forward plans to sell off our national heritage too.

This is being done in the name of reducing the budget deficits that were created by the banks and financial institutions, and which threaten to leave our children and grandchildren with no access to large tracts of England’s natural assets.  More worryingly is the potential impact this will have on the forests themselves, the habitats they support, and the wildlife living in them.  How can we be sure that in private hands the forests will actually enjoy legal protection?  How would this even be policed?  The assurances the Government are giving us do not ring true, and would be difficult to uphold.

Selling off England’s forests is not the answer, and indeed should be an unthinkable option.  It seems that this government cares little about anything other than the economics of the current national debt.  Everything is measured by the “bottom line”.   But a country is not great because it is rich in financial wealth.  A great country comprises many different facets and elements – many of which simply cannot be measured on a balance sheet.  Education, health, the environment, and our natural assets all have tremendous value, but none of it is something that can be priced.  We should be looking at the true “cost” of our assets, and not just the price!

Below are some reasons we should not be selling off our forests.  These statements are taken from the Forestry Commission website, and were posted there in 2009.

The Public Forest Estate is:

* A world leader in sustainable forest management for multiple objectives.
* A significant contributor to mitigating climate change through sequestration, substitution and adaptation.
* A major land manager in National Parks and AONBs.
* One of the largest managers of SSSIs with 96% in favourable or recovering condition.
* The most extensive and popular resource for recreation in the countryside with over 40 million visits a year.
* A major provider of new greenspace around our cities and regeneration areas.
* The largest producer of timber in England producing about 1.4 million m3 per year.

38 Degrees is campaigning vigorously to Save Our Forests.  Join the campaign and let your voice be heard.  Once our forests are gone, and sold into private hands, they will be gone forever.

Celebrities join the protest:


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